Investments from the Ground Up

Posted on August 15, 2018

Ground-up construction of commercial real estate may seem like an exciting investment, but investors must understand the significant investment of time and money that these projects require.

For commercial real estate investors, combining ground-up development of land acquisitions with sale-leaseback deals often provide an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and enter the commercial real estate market while gaining a steady stream of future rental income. There is strong demand to build properties for franchisees and development agents who want unique properties but want to focus on their business.

These investments can weather market fluctuations well. Should a property decrease in value, investors will continue to receive rental income from franchisee tenants and not realize a loss unless they sell the property. When the property increases in value, a sale could yield significant profits, especially when investors work with experienced real estate professionals who have strong tenant relationship and understand the opportunities and challenges in the local market.

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