Don’t Go It Alone when Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Posted on July 24, 2018

In commercial real estate, as in life, having experienced and trusted advisors guide you through opportunities and challenges can reduce risk and improve the possibilities of achieving your desired goals.

With the recent volatility in the financial markets, many investors are flocking to the safety of commercial real estate. Yet, few understand that investment in commercial property is entirely different from other types of investment, including residential real estate.

While it is possible for new investors to educate themselves online, find deals and generate activity on their own, it would behoove them to seek out advisors with specialized knowledge in commercial real estate to develop a sound strategy to guide their strategic decision-making.

This is especially true when considering that commercial projects are often more complex and require more investment dollars than residential projects. In most cases, commercial deals have specific barriers to entry, such as minimum investment requirements. In addition, knowing the ins and outs of a particular geographic market is not sufficient for handling all of the intricacies involved in getting a commercial deal done efficiently and at a good price. Too often, naïve or unprepared investors fall prey to shady deals or overpay for a commercial property.

To avoid these and other risks, investors should take their time to vet a team of experienced commercial real estate advisors properly, ask tough questions and check references before taking any actions.

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