Orion Sells Two Neighboring Retail Strip Centers in Tampa, Fla.

Posted on December 27, 2017

During the fourth quarter of 2017, Orion Real Estate Group completed the sales of two adjacent retail strip centers in Tampa, Fla., to two separate private investors. The combined deals are valued at more than $8 million.   Orion originally purchased the 17.5-acre tract of multiple commercial properties located on […]

2017 – The Year in Commercial Real Estate

Posted on December 21, 2017

New real estate development was below historical norms for most property types in 2017, and that can be good news for real estate investors in 2018. In this market, open-minded investors who are amenable to exploring other segments of real estate properties may ultimately be the most successful. Location, which […]

Diversification is Key for High-Net-Worth Real Estate Investors

Posted on December 12, 2017

Competition for income-producing property from institutional investors has heated up in top-tier cities, such as New York and San Francisco. As a result, many high-net-worth individuals have turned their attention and investable dollars to second-and third tier markets, where, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, population and employment is […]

Why Cap Rates Can Make or Break your Real Estate Investment

Posted on December 06, 2017

Although they are not the first numbers buyers look at when assessing real estate purchases, capitalization rates, also known as cap rates, are a vital aspect of every real estate investment acquisition. Cap rates estimate the potential return a buyer can expect to receive on an investment in real property. […]

What is a Sale-Leaseback Agreement?

Posted on November 28, 2017

The low-interest rate environment combined with rising appreciation of real estate over the past few years have provided businesses across a wide range of industries with a unique opportunity to raise capital, pay down debt and lock in favorable lease terms via sale leasebacks. In a typical sale-leaseback arrangement, a […]

What is a Cost Segregation Study?

Posted on November 21, 2017

A cost segregation study breaks down the total cost of real property into separate and distinct components that property owners/investors may depreciate faster than the building itself. More specifically, it can provide investors with significant income, property and estate tax savings by allowing them to depreciate certain assets over five […]

Assessing Risk in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Posted on November 15, 2017

Because large commercial real estate deals can be inherently risky, it is critical that both buyers and sellers engage in often arduous due diligence processes.  These efforts can help both parties to minimize potentially significant liabilities by allowing participants to assess the financial, tax and legal implications required to make […]

When do Sale-Leaseback Transactions Make Sense?

Posted on November 07, 2017

Sale leaseback transactions have grown steadily since 2010 as investors seek alternative financing options. In fact, total sale leaseback deal volume reached nearly $12 billion nationwide in 2015, a leap from $8 billion in 2007. In a sale leaseback deal, a property owner sells a real estate asset, such as […]

In the Commercial Real Estate World It’s a Seller’s Market

Posted on October 31, 2017

It is a great time to sell commercial real estate. In the 17 U.S. markets where Orion Miami has active projects, cap rates are good and holding steady while demand for investment property continues to exceed supply. At a time when sellers are currently commanding higher prices and more favorable […]

Commercial Real Estate Construction Up in 2017

Posted on October 24, 2017

In South Florida, construction of commercial real estate projects increased 3 percent in the first half of 2017 from year-end 2016. Although residential project starts decreased by 26 percent, the office market, health care, hotels and industrial sectors have increased. These new construction projects will escalate, in some neighborhoods, the […]

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