Real Estate Investors Breathe a Sigh of Relief by Christopher Sanz, JD, LLM

Posted on October 18, 2021

Absent from the latest draft of tax legislation making its way through Congress is any mention of Section 1031 exchanges, which for decades have allowed passive investors to defer taxes on the sale of commercial property when proceeds are reinvested in a similar, like-kind property. Previously, the president had called […]

Why Drugstores Should be Part of your Real Estate Portfolio by Kevin Sanz, CCIM, MSIRE

Posted on September 15, 2021

Drugstores, such as Walgreens and CVS, are among the few businesses that survived the pandemic largely unscathed and, in many cases, with stronger-than-expected sales. In fact, their proven track record through economic downturns is just one reason why they are sought-after tenants by net lease investors. Even before 2020, drugstores […]

Property Owners’ Rights When Tenants File for Bankruptcy by Christopher Sanz, JD, LLM

Posted on September 09, 2021

Many commercial property owners have had to deal with tenants filing for bankruptcy protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges of these circumstances, property owners must understand their specific rights and remedies for relief under the law and meet all of the timely court deadline requirements. Landlords should not […]

The Benefits of Depreciation for CRE Investors by Kevin Sanz, CCIM, MSIRE

Posted on September 01, 2021

While investors often turn to commercial real estate for its appreciation potential, it is the annual depreciation of the property’s value that yields significant tax benefits. In fact, savvy investors recognize that depreciation deductions can be just as important as the income their properties generate. Depreciation provides one of the […]

Single-Tenant vs Multi-Tenant Triple Net Lease Properties by Christopher Sanz, JD, LLM

Posted on August 24, 2021

Triple net lease (NNN) properties are always in-demand among both private individuals and institutional investors seeking steady income with few ownership costs and minimal property-management responsibilities. By most accounts, they are the true definition of “passive income investments,” regardless of whether the properties have one tenant or multiple tenants. While […]

What are the Time Requirements Involved in a 1031 Exchange? by Kevin Sanz, CCIM, MSIRE

Posted on August 18, 2021

A 1031 exchange allows investors to postpone the payment of taxes on gains resulting from the sale of a commercial property when they reinvest those sales proceeds into the acquisition of a similar, like-kind property. However, to yield this tax benefit, commercial property owners must abide by very specific restriction […]

Evaluating Triple Net Lease Properties by Chris Sanz, JD, LLM

Posted on August 11, 2021

Triple net leases (NNNs) are attractive investments because they can provide a steady stream of consistent, passive rental income without requiring investors to pay property fees or become mired in the day-to-day operations and management of the real estate. However, not all NNN properties are created equal. Following are three […]

Fed Intimates Interest Rate Hikes May Come as Early as 2023 by Christopher Sanz, JD, LLM

Posted on July 27, 2021

The Federal Open Market Committee concluded its June meeting, keeping interest rates steady and reiterating its position that current inflationary pressures are transitory. However, in a post-meeting press conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell remarked, “As the reopening continues, shifts in demand can be large and rapid and bottlenecks, hiring […]

Google Expands into Retail by Kevin Sanz, CCIM, MISRE

Posted on July 22, 2021

In another sign that brick-and-mortar is alive and well, Google in June opened its first physical retail store, allowing consumers to touch and interact with the company’s wide range of products and services, including Pixel phones, Nest smart thermostats and Fitbit devices. This is nothing like the temporary, pop-up stores […]