Location, Location, Location

Posted on July 27, 2017

This real estate mantra, which has survived the historic highs and lows of the market, remains true to this day. The challenge for many property owners, however, is in knowing what location best meets their time and financial investment needs.


The priorities of a property buyer or seller determine the parameters of a great location. For example, scenic views and good school systems will often drive the decisions of residential property buyers. It is different for commercial real estate purchases, for which buyers must compile thorough market research and consult with knowledgeable professionals before committing to an investment-property location.


Today, urban areas in both Florida and Texas are attracting the attention of commercial real estate investors. This is due, in large part, to the fact that both states are among the mere seven in the nation in which taxpayers pay no personal income tax. As a result, these states are historically better able to create jobs, attract workers and drive business growth.  Even with this, markets do tend to ebb and flow.  Currently, the most popular markets for real estate investment in Florida are in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando and the Panhandle.  In Texas, the North Dallas area, which includes Frisco and Plano, is experiencing a commercial real estate investment boon, and Austin remains among the top cities to own investment properties.


Experienced and astute real estate investment professionals are well-versed in the markets in which their clients own properties and they maintain a keen eye on the next burgeoning markets around the country. This perspective can be an invaluable resource to property sellers, buyers and potential investors.


The professionals with Orion Real Estate Group work with investors, developers, property owners and brokers through all phases of real estate transactions, from strategic planning and analysis to financing, negotiation, property management and disposition. For more information, call (305) 278-8400 or email info@orionmiami.com.

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