2017 – The Year in Commercial Real Estate

Posted on December 21, 2017

New real estate development was below historical norms for most property types in 2017, and that can be good news for real estate investors in 2018. In this market, open-minded investors who are amenable to exploring other segments of real estate properties may ultimately be the most successful.

Location, which has and always will be a key indicator of real estate success, can differentiate valuable properties from worthless properties. However, todays savvy investors and real estate professionals cite job and income growth, land and construction costs and interest rates as the most important factors influencing real estate decision. Availability of capital, area infrastructure, and availability and costs of transportation and housing round off the list of top considerations.

Real estate trends can often run counter to one another. For example, a CEO may choose to build a massive new headquarters in a city, a decision that typically delivers other real estate benefits to that area. However, these corporate decisions can also contribute to a widening incoming gap impacting the demographics of an area, which is also a metric for real estate investments decisions. What this means to investors is that the need for good counsel and a thorough due diligence process cannot be understated.

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